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About Me

I'm Michael Jaruda • Web Designer • Graphic Designer

A graduate of BS Business Computer Application at Silliman University and BS Nursing at Our Lady of Fatima University. I am an Artist by heart. I, sometimes do acrylic paintings, T-shirt printing and freehand drawing.

I have been creating computer graphic designs for more than 20 years already. I started out with CorelDraw way back when I was still in college at Silliman University. I learned using CorelDraw through self-taught. I remember way back then how hard it is to learn with out online tutorials. We didn’t have internet connections at that time. So, there is no other way to learn the software but to use it, practice it, and buy references, if possible. But! I still managed to learn CorelDraw! I started out making 2D graphics in Corel then moved to the next level, making 3D effect designs. After graduating, while still looking for a job, I studied Adobe Photoshop. Again, self-taught but with the aide of an Adobe Photoshop book for beginners…and so, I learned! I got my first job as a graphic artist in a small advertising company. Few months after, worked as a freelance graphic designer at the same time enrolled in a short course for 3D studiomax.

After a few months, I decided to put up my own advertising business. But for some reason business didn’t went well. So I went back to being a freelance graphic designer.

I was studying BS Nursing at Our Lady of Fatima University when my brother opened my eyes to the web designing world. He offered me a project as a web designer for a well-knowned condominium developer. I researched about web designs, upgraded my photoshop skills and worked on with the project. That’s the start where I got interested into web designing. I practised and learned Dreamweaver and Flash(owned by Macromedia back then) and started doing designs for web pages. Soon after, I learned HTML and CSS coding, And now here I am! Working as a web designer and made my own portfolio website! VIOLA!

My Skills

Web Designing 95%
Graphic Designing 95%
Motion Graphics 75%

Software / Applications Skills

Photoshop 90%
Illustrator 90%
Premiere Pro 80%
After Effects 75%
HTML / CSS 80%
WordPress 85%
Opencart 75%
Prestashop 70%
3D Studiomax 65%
Text Editors (Notepad++, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver) 85%
PHP List 50%
MySQL 50%


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